PSD is Photoshop document. So, PSD to HTML is the process of converting PSD files and web design sketches into HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), for both mobile and desktop browsers. We develop responsive layouts, Bootstrap-based projects & a bunch of JavaScript features.
PSD to HTML is a process wherein Photoshop documents are converted to HTML, CSS and Java script. It is an initial stage for creating a website.
Here, graphic designer will create a website in Photoshop that a front-end developer will utilize to create a full-fledged website. A PSD has a website design with different layers like there may be a homepage layer, buttons layer, menu layer, etc. In the process of converting a PSD to HTML markups, you first need to chop the Photoshop file into different images based on varied layers. After slicing the PSD, you can head towards coding the design into HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code.
Importance of PSD to HTML conversion
1. Maintain consistency
2. Pixel perfect design
3. Cross browser compatibility
4. Maintenance is easy
5. Boost the ranking of webpage
6. Mobile friendly or responsive website
PSD to HTML conversion is a standard technique that every web developer and business owner should consider.
For the trending online marketplace, this approach can cater to the unprecedented result for your business.